Partnership Between Wizard and Gaia

Spiritual WizardryBringing Balance and Healing to Gaia through Spiritual Wizardry

Wayfinder Wizards are pleased to announce course’s on modern wizardry in association with Wayfinders Academy on selected dates.

The workshops will empower you to take your participation of thoughtful heartfelt healing of our planet and all of its lifeforms to the ultimate level.

The course will teach and empower you to communicate with the Dragons, the spirits and the land in true loving communion with Gaia.

There will be training and guidance in Spiritual healing the Wizard way.

Your teachers will consist of master wizards and full wizards as well as guest speakers, your spiritual learning is paramount to us and the course will include specialised teachings on this matter, all have been chosen to blend into the overall experience designed to accelerate your Knowing of the Spiritual world.

This is an intensive course and not for the faint hearted, you will work as hard as anytime in your life to acquire the skills required and we will bring out in you, your hidden spiritual talents.

No previous knowledge of wizardry is required as you will develop your connection to the ONE (Great Spirit)

This is an exceptional opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and give yourself the tools to make a difference to the lives of all who inhabit this Planet.

You will arrive each morning for a 9.30 am start, we will have a break for lunch  and we will finish each day at 5.30pm (end times may vary due to question and answer sessions)  the subjects covered in these workshops will include but not be limited to,  Geomancy, Meeting Dragons, Healing, Wizard Philosophy, Wayfinding, Spiritual Meditation, Natural Mirrors , Making your Wizards Wand.

The techniques you will learn and take away for further development will be  3rd eye development with specific techniques, Energy healing to bring internal energy balance (energy centres) the ability to diagnose un-balance and ill health. Communicating with the ONE in all it’s manifestations.


To register your interest for this or future events please complete the inquiry form below and we will contact you back with full venue details and methods of payment.

For a further understanding of Spiritual Wizardry, please visit our main website HERE

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